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William Gheen is the President of ALIPAC, a contributor to The Hill newspaper, a champion of secure borders and immigration enforcement, and occasional musician.William Gheen's national organization ALIPAC is credited with playing a key role in stopping amnesty legislation in Washington DC 5 times as well as shutting down legislation in 25 states that would have provided taxpayer benefits such as licenses and in-state tuition to illegal immigrants.William Gheen manages the largest archive of information on the topics of illegal immigration, illegal immigrants, problems with illegal immigration, border security, and immigration  law enforcement in the world found at ALIPAC.us Before creating ALIPAC, William worked as a campaign consultant working for more than 46  campaigns for public office including several stints on the NC Senate Sgt-At-Arms staff as well as an issue lobbyist and Legislative Assistant in the NC General Assembly.Wililam graduated with a Political Science degree from East Carolina University in 1995 and attended UNC Chapel Hill (87-88) for his general college requirements.

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Politics, immigration, computer science, global trade, national security, hiking, 80's music, hunting, laser tag, paintball, and singing.